Sorry that was a typo what I would like to ask how to use it the following way:

/* ----- path params ------------------------------------------------------- */
modparam("path", "use_received", 1)
modparam("path", "enable_r2", 1)
modparam("path", "received_format", 1)

2017/08/08 20:55:38.008534 x.x.x.124:5060 -> x.x.x.126:5060
OPTIONS sip:user@y.y.y.y:45561;transport=TLS SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP x.x.x.124:5060;branch=z9hG4bK3722567
From: sip:pinger@hostname-xxx;tag=uloc-7c-59888812-afc4-a-0-7e38
To: sip:user@y.y.y.y:45561;transport=TLS
Call-ID: 1e57ca12-c4a5f614-32f8a83@x.x.x.124
Content-Length: 0

But this happens:
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:85]: is_preloaded(): is_preloaded: Yes
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/socket_info.c:564]: grep_sock_info(): checking if 
host==us: 12==12 && x.x.x.126] == [x.x.x.126]
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/socket_info.c:567]: grep_sock_info(): checking if 
port 5060 (advertise 0) matches port 5060
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:788]: after_loose(): Topmost route URI: 
'sip:x.x.x.126;lr;received=y.y.y.y~46217~3;r2=on' is me
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/socket_info.c:564]: grep_sock_info(): checking if 
host==us: 12==12 && [x.x.x.126] == [x.x.x.126]
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/socket_info.c:567]: grep_sock_info(): checking if 
port 5061 (advertise 0) matches port 5061
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:89]: get_hdr_field(): found 
end of header
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:180]: find_next_route(): No next Route HF found
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:859]: after_loose(): no next URI found
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [rr_cb.c:95]: run_rr_callbacks(): callback id 0 entered 
with <lr;received=y.y.y.y~46217~3;r2=on>
 2(21696) DEBUG: path [path.c:431]: path_rr_callback(): setting dst uri: 
 2(21696) DEBUG: pv [pv_core.c:951]: pv_get_useragent(): no User-Agent header
 2(21696) ERROR: <script>: sip:y.y.y.y:462 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:1068]: 
check_route_param(): route params checking against 
[;lr;received=y.y.y.y~46217~3;r2=on] (orig: [lr;received=y.y.y.y~46217~3;r2=on])
 2(21696) DEBUG: rr [loose.c:1073]: check_route_param(): params are 
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_lookup.c:1302]: t_newtran(): msg id=4 , global msg id=4 
, T on entrance=0x0
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_lookup.c:459]: t_lookup_request(): start searching: 
hash=21511, isACK=0
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_lookup.c:417]: matching_3261(): RFC3261 transaction 
matching failed
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_lookup.c:641]: t_lookup_request(): no transaction found
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/md5utils.c:67]: MD5StringArray(): MD5 calculated: 
 2(21696) DEBUG: <core> [core/parser/parse_uri.c:1273]: parse_uri(): bad port 
in uri (error at char  in state 3) parsed: <sip:y.y.y.y:462>(1024) 
/<sip:y.y.y.y:462> (1024)
 2(21696) ERROR: tm [./ut.h:245]: uri2dst2(): bad_uri: [sip:y.y.y.y:462]
 2(21696) ERROR: tm [t_fwd.c:1735]: t_forward_nonack(): failure to add branches
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_funcs.c:330]: t_relay_to(): t_forward_nonack returned 
error -478 (-478)
 2(21696) DEBUG: tm [t_funcs.c:348]: t_relay_to(): -478 error reply generation 

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