Module: kamailio
Branch: master
Commit: 53e746b5c527fa542e4b2b7353af5a3b4042d7d2

Author: Andreas Granig <>
Committer: Andreas Granig <>
Date: 2018-02-08T15:54:02+01:00

db_redis: Implement db_redis generic db driver

This module implements a generic db driver for kamailio. It
requires a "schema" and "key" definition of "tables" and corresponding
keys for redis in the kamailio config file, otherwise it's supposed to
work with every module.

Implemented methods are query (w/o order-by), insert, update, delete.

Tested with usrloc and acc.


Added: src/modules/db_redis/Makefile
Added: src/modules/db_redis/README
Added: src/modules/db_redis/db_redis_mod.c
Added: src/modules/db_redis/db_redis_mod.h
Added: src/modules/db_redis/doc/Makefile
Added: src/modules/db_redis/doc/db_redis.xml
Added: src/modules/db_redis/doc/db_redis_admin.xml
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_connection.c
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_connection.h
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_dbase.c
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_dbase.h
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_table.c
Added: src/modules/db_redis/redis_table.h
Modified: src/Makefile.groups



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