Thanks for this work!

There are some bits that still need to be updated, as I could spot in the 
documentation the name of the module is app_python, but it should be 

Since we are here discussing about a new app_python implementation, I wonder if 
still make sense to keep the old modules like Router, Logger (not sure if there 
are other). The should be now redundant with the KSR, which has lot more 
methods exported. I am not a Python user, so I cannot assert if something in 
old modules is missing in KSR, but in long term, we should remove the old ones 
anyhow, adding whatever is missing to KSR.

As you are working on this these days, would you be able to make the RPC 
command to reload the script working? I did a poor attempt to implement it, but 
it fails badly.

Another aspect I wanted to discuss with the people being familiar with the 
Python and its embedded API is whether it makes sense to create a SIP msg 
object each time there is a SIP request/reply handled by Kamailio. It feels 
like adding a bit of overhead in terms of performances. The alternative is to 
have KSR as a static/global object, so it doesn't need a constructor to 
initialize for each SIP message. Then the KEMI callback functions like 
ksr_request_route() to be global, not part of an object. Again, just an idea, 
not sure it matches how Python interpreter can be embedded or how it fits with 
its object oriented model. But Python seems rather popular in the context of 
Kemi, so I am throwing some ideas that could improve the performances.

Anyhow, I think the way to go is:

  * I am going to merge this PR, so if someone wants to keep using old modules, 
have a chance to revert if we go in a different direction
  * you will follow up with commits that will make `app_python3` be used 
everywhere it should be the module name
  * based on what people find acceptable/possible to implement, next steps will 
be to remove old modules and switch from a dynamic object for each SIP message 
to use of a static Kemi/KSR package.

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