I tried to configure dmq module according to README, but got this kind
of error:

Feb 20 07:32:55 rautu /usr/bin/pres-serv[17983]: ERROR: dmq [dmq.c:228]: 
mod_init(): server_uri is not a socket the proxy is listening on

In the config I have:

modparam("dmq", "server_address", "sip:")

and just above the error message there is this in syslog:

Feb 20 07:32:55 rautu pres-serv[17959]: Listening on
Feb 20 07:32:55 rautu pres-serv[17959]: tcp: []:5080

i.e., server is listening on the same ip/port as in server_address.

I tried also by configuring

modparam("dmq", "server_address", "tcp:")

since "sip" is not a transport protocol of a socket, but that was
rejected with "server address invalid" error message.

It is confusing that error message refers to server_uri, when modparam
is called server_address.

I must be missing something. Any ideas what it is?

-- Juha

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