2018-04-03 23:03 GMT+02:00 Daniel-Constantin Mierla <mico...@gmail.com>:

> changes expected to affect packaging should be discussed first and then
> committed, along with related updates to packaging specs.
> They can break nightly builds for packages, resulting in unnecessary
> alerts to the mailing list, repeating every day until the dev
> maintaining the specs is available to do the changes. Not being a
> critical issue, this can wait to be discussed and done properly.
 I've reviewed the changes and I've changed the deb packaging to remove
kamailio-carrierroute-modules package and being replaced by kamailio package

Changes are at [0] a personal branch.

Should I push changes?

[0] https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/tree/vseva/pkg_carrierroute
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