Module: kamailio
Branch: master
Commit: cc6865cd7d0fc48709acd7685d315eb5575e45bd

Author: Andreas Granig <>
Committer: Andreas Granig <>
Date: 2018-04-11T17:28:32+02:00

db_redis: Fix scanning large tables

* When querying large tables (e.g. pre-loading location by usrloc),
  make sure to use O(1) when adding keys by prepending them to list.
* Increase batch size of redis scan command to reduce number of
  redis queries.
* Batch creation of DB_ROW entries to free up memory allocated by
  redis in heap regularly.
* Fix more issues reported by coverity.


Modified: src/modules/db_redis/redis_connection.c
Modified: src/modules/db_redis/redis_dbase.c
Modified: src/modules/db_redis/redis_table.c



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