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- [ ] PR should be backported to stable branches
- [x] Tested changes locally
- [ ] Related to issue #XXXX (replace XXXX with an open issue number)

#### Description
This commits adding some new functions to Get and Change forwarding info in 
ISUP part of SIP-I/SIP-T messages.

sipt_forwarding(origin, nai) - updates the IAM in the body if it exists, 
setting (or adding) the forwarding number to origin with the nature address 
specified in nai

$sipt_redirection_info - Returns "Redirecting reason" or -1 if no redirection 
info found.

$sipt_redirection_number - Returns number to which redirection will trigered

sipt_redirection_number_nai - Returns NAI for redirection number from ISUP

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-- Commit Summary --

  * sipt: Add functions to work with forwarding info (#18)

-- File Changes --

    M src/modules/sipt/doc/sipt_admin.xml (72)
    M src/modules/sipt/sipt.c (149)
    M src/modules/sipt/ss7.h (6)
    M src/modules/sipt/ss7_parser.c (138)

-- Patch Links --


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