Added an allocator function to allocate the hash in shared memory.
Added also locking stuff

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Added a new allocator function to str_hash.h. This new function allows to 
allocate the hash table in shared memory.

Changes to struct str_hash_table:
- Added a gen_lock_set_t (locks) to hold the lock set
- Added an int (locks_no) to hold the number of locks
- Added an indicator (memory) to know if the table was allocated in private 
memory (p) or shared memory(s)

Changes to struct str_hash_head:
- Added an int(lock_idx) that hold the index of the lock when the head is 

Changes to struct str_hash_entry:
- Added a pointer to the head the entry belongs to. This allows to unlock the 
head when needed.

Added functions to lock and unlock the head when needed.

Modified functions str_hash_add and str_hash_get to lock the head when needed

Added function str_hash_destroy to remove the hash table and all its contents 
from memory.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * str_hash: Option to allocate hash in shm

-- File Changes --

    M src/core/str_hash.h (100)

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