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> Ok let us solve this with my kamailio 5.1.4 version in ubuntu server.

Use of expressions or idioms which command someone to do as you say, or
telling them how it's going to be in general, or insinuate that they are
obligated to help you in some particular manner, is discouraged if you
want free help from the generous public.

While you're at it, you may want to post enquiries to the right mailing
list; this is the sr-dev, the Kamailio developers' mailing list. The
general users' enquiries list is sr-users:


You would know that if you took a second to glance at this page:


Or maybe you fell prey to the misapprehension that the developers' list
is "second level support", as the page advises you not to do.

You need to learn some manners.

Having said that:

> I have provided "#!define WITH_NAT" and "modparam("rtpproxy",
> "rtpproxy_sock", "udp:")" in my cfg file.
> started rtpproxy "service rtpproxy start"
> when i try "netstat -tulpn | grep rtp" it shows
> udp        0      0*
>      1422/rtpproxy
> So i think the rtpproxy is currently running fine.

rtpproxy has two different interfaces:

(a) The RTP forwarding interface (, on which ports are
allocated dynamically;

(b) The control socket, which is set via the -s parameter, and which you
set to 

Yet, clearly, from your own netstat output, rtpproxy is not listening on
port 7722.

Perhaps the problem is that /etc/default/rtpproxy is not being
appropriately sourced by the init script? Have you checked the init
script to make sure it doesn't expect to use /etc/sysconfig/rtpproxy or
some other path for the inclusion of these configuration options into
the startup environment instead?

If rtpproxy cannot be reached on its control socket, no operations
involving it will work.

-- Alex

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