Using latest master, I'm getting error

Sep 16 20:16:36 lohi /usr/bin/pres-serv[1744]: ERROR: presence 
[presentity.c:319]: parse_dialog_state_from_body(): failed to parse xml 
document 'Messages-Waiting: no#015#012Message-Account: 0/0 (0/0)#015#012'

This happens when I rpc_execute 'pua_publish' request.  Event package
parameter in the request is 'message-summary' and content type is
'application/simple-message-summary'.  Body is shown in the above error
message (I added printing of it).

Since body of message-summary is not xml, why is k presence module
trying to parse it as such?

I don't remember making any changes to the pua_publish request since
4.5, where it works.

-- Juha

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