Hi Daniel,

This issue might be related to #679 and #752. 

On a "A endpoint" --- Kamailio ---- "B endpoint" scenario with 
track_cseq_updates enabled, I am having this issue:

- **A** sends INVITE with CSeq 101, **Kamailio** forwards it and gets 407 from 

- **Kamailio** makes the SIP Auth with CSeq 102 using _uac_auth_.

- **A** sends a within-dialog transaction with Cseq 102.

- **Kamailio** does not mangle the Cseq (although it adds P-K-CSeq-Refresh: 103 

- **B** sends 200 OK with Cseq 102.

- **Kamailio** mangles it and forwards it to **A** with Cseq 101 (that doesn't 
match the expected CSeq).

I have tested both in master branch (commit d150d5a) and 4.4 branch (commit 

I send you a pcap to your gmail account so that you can see what I mean :)

Thank you and tell me please if you need more testing!

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