OK, so the call flow is an INVITE from TCP side is sent to Kamailio, an INVITE 
is relayed to a UDP SIP server. The UDP SIP server replies with a 401. There is 
a failure route to handle the 401 and perform uac_auth()

The TCP side does not handle authentication, so the configuration is for 
Kamailio to authenticate the INVITE for the UDP side on behalf of the TCP side.

When track_cseq_updates is set, something goes wrong with the failure route 
because the 401 gets relayed back to the TCP side rather than being handled in 
the failure route. (Hence there is no reINVITE, which is the problem)

Without the track_cseq_updates param set, it works as expected - just without 
the Cseq being incremented.

The CANCEL is just ending the call on the client (TCP side).

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