I would like to discuss more about the removal of use_domain parameter. It is a 
common parameter name across many modules and it is a easy way to turn on/off 
multi-domain support (even done also for alias_db in default kamailio.cfg).

I would like a coherent solution, like either removing this mod param 
everywhere or still keep it and also allow the per-function option to 

Moreover, changing the default in using the domain is going to break 
compatibility may result in unexpected behaviour without prior visible notice, 
as people can reuse an old config without use_domain parameter set, so no error 
is triggered, but behaviour is changed. So I think the default should be 
without domain (this is the default across kamailio modules) and a flag to 
enable domain based lookup.

Keeping the use_domain won't change much the patch, the flags need to be 
initialized based on it:

if(use_domain) {
  flags |= **domain_lookup_flag**

Travis reports that the inter-module API was broken -- app_lua doesn't compile 
as the function prototype for alias db lookup was changed. This is an easy fix, 
I can take care of.

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