I just pushed a bit of clean up to acc module, therefore be aware of
following changes:

1) the define conditions on SQL_ACC were removed -- this was enabled for
more than 10 years and only made the code look complex and hard to
follow up its logic.

2) the code related to DIAMETER accounting was relocated to acc_diameter
(new) module. It was a consistent size of code that was not enabled for
sooo... long. It is now a dedicated module, similar to acc_radius. The
diameter accounting code, even a new module now, is in the same stage,
compiling but not tested, in pair with auth_diameter module, it may
work, but very likely not.

In summary, what's important for those using the acc module -- it offers
the same functionality as it was enabled by default in the past 10 years
or more, only the unused code was relocated. It offers the functionality
of writing accounting records to syslog and sql databases.

The acc module is now slimmer, only with the code that it needs,
therefore easier to maintain and enhance for the future.

Hopefully, there was no side effect with this update -- anyhow, if you
find any issue, just open a bug report on github project.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla
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