Hi all,
We have usual config Kamailio + Asterisk where Kamailio play as sip and rtp 
proxy. Kamailio have public IP, asterisk - no. All calls between clients now 
going like that:

UserA ---sip--> Kamailio --> Asterisk --> UserB
           \-rtp--> Kamailio (rtpproxy) --> Asterisk --> UserB

All clients of course from Internet and behind Nat. Main problem is amount of 
traffic going through Kamailio and Asterisk. We need to pay for every 
additional GB behind limit in tariff plan to hosting provider.
So we decided to try route all rtp traffic between users directly.

UserA ---sip--> Kamailio --> Asterisk --> UserB
           \-rtp--> --> --> UserB

Is it possible at all? Maybe someone already did it ...

BR, Alex

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