Could anyone advice me or provide an example of Kamailio config to solve this case:
Current Kamailio+Asterisk schema:
(7XXX Users) <-> Asterisk <-> NAT <-> Internet <-> Kamailio <-> (4XXX Users)
7XXX Users registers on Asterisk server, and 4XXX Users registers on Kamailio.
In Addition, Asterisk registers on Kamailio with user 4444, and it is possible to make calls from 7XXX Users (Asterisk) to 4XXX Users (Kamailio) through 4444 "trunk".
Also, while Kamailio users (4XXX) call to 4444 number, call successfully goes to Asterisk.
How its possible to route all 7XXX destined calls from Kamailio users to Asterisk, while Asterisk is behind NAT???
Config examples, i found, were writen only for situation with fixed asterisk IP and PORT, without nat ( asterisk.bindip = "" ; asterisk.bindport = "")
Thanks in advance
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