I’m working for a UK high street bank and our Kamailio implementation has been 
challenged because we’ve got database passwords held in clear in the 
configuration file.

I am unable to find any examples of where this has been worked around, there 
doesn’t seem to be any module or configuration means of supplying a variable in 
the modparam() entry that is expanded a startup. The security tutorials only 
seem to relate to the SIP level of security, not Kamailio as a platform.

My requirement is simple, I need to be able to supply a password via means such 
as loading a variable from a run-once script at start up, or a module. The 
ideal would be to be able to read in a Docker secret :)

I am by no means a Kamailio expert, so apologies in advance if this is a 
mindblowingly basic thing to achieve, but I do feel I’ve exhausted the Kamailio 
documentation, wiki etc. and all the goodness Google usually has to offer and 
drawn a blank.

Sincere thanks in advance for any assistance.

Cheers - Robert...
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