Kamailio IP:, listening on port 5060
Asterisk IP’s:, and both listening on port 5060

Here is a tcpdump which has the issue in it.  I did a MicroSip call, which did 
work, and the Error I am speaking of did happen.  Note: In this dump, I am 
running a cluster of 2 Asterisk Servers, however, this Error occurs even if I 
have only one Asterisk server with no dispatching, and rtpproxy turned off.  
However if rtpproxy is on, after each call, I do see an additional error =>

Nov 14 08:45:08 vadev2 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[20525]: ERROR: rtpproxy 
[rtpproxy.c:2536]: force_rtp_proxy(): incorrect port 0 in reply from rtp proxy

In trying to further understand Kamailio –

  *   Is there a way to limit the port trying to be opened to a maximum high 
number E.g. a port of < 20000?  Even if this would work, I would still like to 
understand what Kamailio is trying to accomplish by the connection it is trying 
to make.
  *   Are there any sources for a more in-depth understanding as to how 
Kamailio functions?

Also, if anyone has any input on my second question I would really appreciate 

Thank you for looking at this,


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Need to capture network traffic and analyse by wireshark.
Command to capture traffic

tcpdump -ni any host -s 0 -w /tmp/traffic.pcap

вт, 14 нояб. 2017 г., 3:14 Wilkins, Steve 

I am new to Kamailio and to the Kamailio Mailing list and hope I am using it 

I am using Kamailio version 5.0.3 (x86_64/linux), and it is installed and 
working on a Centos 7 Sever.  I use Kamailio as a SIP Proxy Server for Asterisk 
and things seem to work fine, however, I do have an issue and a question for 
which I am trying to understand and am hoping someone can help me with.

For the sake of the argument, my server name is myServer, and it’s IP Address 
is; Asterisk is on a different server.

Issue:  Every 10 seconds I get an Error message in the Kamailio log which says 

Nov 13 18:10:55 myServer /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[29188]: ERROR: <core> 
[core/tcp_main.c:2660]: tcpconn_1st_send(): connect<> failed (RST) Connection refused.

I do not know what triggers this error, and as mentioned, things do seem to 
work; I can make calls and use sip tools which pass requests through the 
Kamailio to Asterisk.  Does anyone know what could be causing this Error?  I do 
not understand what is trying to connect to what at such a high port.

Question: The way I understand it, rtpproxy is needed to pass video/audio 
through Kamailio to Asterisk.  However, even without rtpproxy running, I get 
video through to Asterisk and the video plays with no issues on a sip device 
(e.g. MicroSIP).  I am confused what I need rtpproxy for.
Note: Even with no rtpproxy, I get the same error mentioned above in the Issue 

Thank you,

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