On 20.11.17 14:44, Amar Tinawi wrote:
> Dears; 
> Good day !
> is it possible to use Asterisk pbx server as an Application server for
> the kamailio IMS users ? as if i want to correlate an IMS user with an
> extension number. 
> My though is kamailio ims  will handle the registration process  and
> authentication and Asterisk will deal with IMS users as they are PBX
> users to get all asterisk's benefits (call conference, monitoring,
> waiting, voice mail ... etc)
> i'm thinking to integrate Asterisk with S-cscf, and when an IMS user
> register to the IMS to domain, a trigger will initiate the S-cscf to
> send notify to asterisk .
> i didnt find any solution or tutorial for this procedure, and idont
> know if it is possible to be done.
not sure if IMS has any relevant requirement here, but using Kamailio
with Asterisk is very common. There are several options to integrate the
two, for some of them I wrote tutorials available at:

  - https://kb.asipto.com/asterisk:index


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