Hi Sammy,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to respond.

Yes, port 10443 is opened.  I have used this port before as asterisk’s WebRTC 
port and iptables shows it as open.  No, I can’t even get a registration using 
the configuration I listed.  I have an xdbg log statement right after the 
request_route, and I see nothing.  I do know that my xdbg logs are working 
though because, if I register or make a call using any sip tool, I see all my 
logging and everything works correctly.


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Hi Steve,
Can you confirm that port 10443 is reachable behind the NAT to Kamailio server, 
validate iptables too Does your SIPml5 demo client register successfully to 
Kamailio? are there enough xlog lines to print out if anything lands in 


On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 11:34 AM, Wilkins, Steve 
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I am attempting to use sipML5 to test WebRTC.  I have not been successful in 
getting messages through to Kamailio though. I am running Kamailio 5.0.3 on 
Cento 7.

My listen’s in the kamailio configuration file are =>
listen=tcp:<> advertise<>
listen=udp:<> advertise<>
listen=tcp:<> (which I will use in 
the sipML5 Expert mode)

My sipML5 settings are =>
Public Identity - sip:user1@
Realm -

Export mode setting are =>
WebSocket Server URL - wss://<> (I 
have also tried wss://<>)
SIP outbound Proxy URL - udp://<> (I 
have also left this blank)

When I make a call I see no Kamailio activity (I have logging at the start of 
request_route) so I am not sure where the configuration error is.  If I change 
the sipML5 configuration IP Address to use the asterisk IP Address, sipML5 
works.  My goal is to go WebRTC Client => Kamailio => Asterisk and eventually 
through some sort of media proxy.

Thank you,

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