I am configuring a Kamailio node that will interface with 3 carriers and will 
implement Least Cost Routing for around 900 destinations.

I have already implemented a quick prototype with the LCR module and I have 
been reading the CarrierRoute doc and the CGrates site.

I don't really need advanced functionality, just:

-          Re-routing to a backup carrier when the main one is not available.

-          Ping with OPTIONS to all carriers so I can detect if any of them is 
not available (à la Dispatcher)

-          Translate prices from a central DB to routing priorities.

-          Get some accounting post-call info about the routing decision (acc 

So far, while testing the LCR module I have had some issues with the rule IDs 
being integers that auto-increment, so the LCR rules need to be referenced from 
the rule_target table using this numeric ID. I can see some issues when scaling 
this to 900 lcr_rules and 2700 lcr_rule_targets with 3 priorities.

In addition to that, I think the OPTIONS mechanism is just used by the lcr 
module when a gateway is marked as defunct, but the gateways are not actively 
monitored in the normal status. Is this correct?

I have been considering CarrierRoute, which has a slightly simpler table 
structure, but I can't find any other advantage for my use case. Regarding 
CGrates, it looks great but it looks like it exceeds my current needs.

For those who have implemented LCR in your kamailios, am I missing something 
regarding performance, scalability, etc?

Are there any newer modules that can implement this, or maybe just a 
dispatcher-on-steroids setup will do the trick?


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