On 02.03.18 12:28, Aymeric Moizard wrote:
> Hi list!
> I'm trying to remove Proxy-Authorization dedicated
> to local subscriber without -and not the other ones
> dedicated to other server-
> I realized that "consume_credentials" doesn't work
> because it requires that a call to "www_authorize,
> proxy_authorize, www_authenticate or proxy_authenticate"
> has been made before. I have a use-case where this isn't
> called.
> I don't want to use such code:
> if (is_present_hf("Proxy-Authorization")) {
>       remove_hf("Proxy-Authorization");
> }
> Because this may remove a "Proxy-Authorization"
> for another service.
> I have seen this: has_credentials but it doesn't help
> to know which header is the one containing the header...
> Any good way to find the header and index?
> And then remove it with remove _hf_value2?
I haven't looked for the options offered by the textopsx module, being
added by ser devs in the past, but if your case of not doing
www/proxy_authenticate() or auth_check() is to avoid a database query,
then do pv_auth_check(...) with a random password and the proper relam.
Ignore the result, the header is parsed, even if authentication fails,
and you should be able to use consume_credentials().


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