On 08.03.18 13:47, José Lopes wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using Kamailio working as edge proxy with topos module active.
> Kamailio is proxing requests from Freeswitch's to the SBC Metaswitch.
> The Freeswitch sends SIP REGISTER requests and it is ok  (Contact:
> <sip:1003@ <http://sip:1003@>>).
> When Freeswitch sends SIP INVITE quest, it receives a reply with
> Forbiden (Contact: <sip:btpsh-5aa0219a-2a32-2@
> <http://sip:btpsh-5aa0219a-2a32-2@>>).
> You can check the sip trace at https://pastebin.com/raw/JZUNgYx5
> I analysed this issue on SBC Metaswitch and it requires that the
> INVITE and REGISTER have the same Contact Header.
> I know that this is not required from SIP RFC, but that it is SBC
> default security policy.
> There is any way to configure Kamailio using topos to have the same
> Contact Header on INVITE and REGISTER?
topos works at dialog level, doesn't correlate a REGISTER with a call or
something else. So the answer is no.


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