I’m playing with new KEMI framework and trying to reload script without 
reloading Kamailio.

Lua code is mostly one from example.

modparam("app_lua", "load", "/etc/kamailio/lua/kamailio.lua")
cfgengine "lua"

So, I’m changing lua code and giving command

kamctl rpc app_lua.reload

But in the answer

  "jsonrpc":  "2.0",
  "error":  {
    "code": -32000,
    "message":  "Execution Error"
  "id": 11098

In syslog there is a string

/usr/sbin/kamailio[10939]: ERROR: app_lua [app_lua_api.c:399]: 
lua_sr_reload_script(): reload is not activated

What is need to be done to activate reload?

Regards, Igor
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