Hi everybody,


I am trying to call a sip client on a mobile cellphone, which is registered
fine at my Kamailio instance. Everything is working fine if the phone is
awake and the mobile app is not sleeping (e.g. energy saving by OS). If the
device is sleeping, the cellphone gets a wakeup request call via apple push
kit and wakes the app. Currently my app is doing a Register after each
wakeup, because the device does not know if the cellular network changed
(external IPv4 address with Carrier Grade NAT).

At this point an incoming call already got routed to any existing user
registrations in userloc db. In this case, if the cellular provided network
address changed, the sip client on the device won't receive any invite of
this last call. Instead all last known Contact-URIs are tried to be called
until this sip invite times out because no response message is received back
in time. 


I tried to delay the incoming invite message, but this doesn't seem the
right way to go, since I can't know if the mobile device is actually
reachable and this method would potentially delay every call.



What is the best approach to solve this issue? I am looking forward for any
comment or suggestion.





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