Hello all,

I have the following issue (I think) with RTP engine. An INVITE comes in,
and rtpengine will rewrite the SDP accordingly, as configured in
kamailio.cfg. After some time a reINVITE is sent out in the opposite
direction, for session refresh purposes. As I use rtcp-mux-offer in
kamailio.cfg for this direction, RTPengine will inject the rtcp-mux
parameter, and this reINVITE is forwarded to the UAC that sent the original

However, the SDP in the reINVITE is exactly the same as the SDP in the 200
OK to the original INVITE, with the exception of the rtcp-mux parameter.
Since the SDP offered from the same end has changed, shouldn't session
version be incremented as well?

Does this sound like something that should be reported as a bug to
rtpengine? Or am I missing something here?


Best regards,
George Diamantopoulos
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