Hello All,

I want to enable certificate validation on the server. I am only using 
self-signed certs.

I have the same cert/key in the client and  server and want to only allow 
connection from clients with this cert/key.

I have turned on the following in tls.cfg and done all the steps required in 
kamailio.cfg file.

But it's failed to verify certs and allowing the clients which doesn't have 
same certs.

Please help to configure the cert/key in right way.


method = TLSv1

verify_certificate = yes

require_certificate = yes

private_key = /usr/local/etc/kamailio/selfsigned.key

certificate = /usr/local/etc/kamailio/selfsigned.pem

ca_list = /usr/local/etc/sip-router/cacert.pem

verify_certificate = yes
require_certificate = yes

In advance Thank you.


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