Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018, 13:51:24 CEST schrieb
> I'm trying to use the dlg_set_timeout_by_profile in the xhhtp route to
> update the dialog timeout for active calls. But if i use a var as the
> timeout value the call disconnects immediately.
> This works fine (call disconnects after 80 sec):
> dlg_set_timeout_by_profile("subscriber_outbound",
> "$var(SipName)@$var(SipDomain)::$var(DialogCallid)", "80");
> This fails (call disconnects immediately:
> $var(DialogTimeout)= 80;
> dlg_set_timeout_by_profile("subscriber_outbound",
> "$var(SipName)@$var(SipDomain)::$var(DialogCallid)",
> "$var(DialogTimeout)");
> Are vars supported in the dlg_set_timeout_by_profile function? And is it
> possible to use it in any route as described in the docs?
> I'm running kamailio 5.1.3.

Hello Jan,

I have not looked into the code yet. But do you get any error in the log file, 
something about "could not evaluate $var" or something like this?

Best regards,


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