On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 02:52:45PM -0400, PICCORO McKAY Lenz wrote:
> > In my setups I have a limit of 64 requests per 2s. But I also have
> > whitelist (with/via the permissions module) for known high traffic
> > ipaddresses. Dimensioning the pike module for the known high traffic
> > hosts kind of defeats the purpose of using pike to detect strange
> > unwanted traffic. The correct numbers depend on your endpoints.
> >
> i cannot use whitelist due my experiment are for all dinamyc ip clients
> so what its the meaning of "depend on your endpoints" ?

You need to dimension pike to at least normal expected traffic from your
endpoints (and the max number of concurrent channels). If all your
endpoints are residential phonelines, you might expect 1 or 2 active
calls. In the worst case scenario you might "a few" call setups per
second, so maybe bursts of 10 messages per second.

But if you know you have a call center with 50 phones, with a queue to
accept bursts you might have more than 50 call setups in a worst case
scenario in a second so you might get 150 messages per second from this
endpoint (the queue answers directly, so 1 invite might result in a 100
trying, 180 ringing and a 200 OK within a second)

Since there is only 1 setting for pike you have to account for the
highest number of legit messages possible.

If you want to keep the pike max number of message lower, you'll need to
be creative. Like dynamically create a whitelist of known "excessive"
trunks (by username) and exclude the ipaddresses they register from from

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