just discovered what I consider to be an inconsistency in naming and
behaviour for event_route blocks for local-request and local-response
and starting a discussion here to see how to move on.

The event_route[tm:local-request] is executed before sending there local
generated request out (allowing also to change its content, drop,
etc...). This event route is quite popular event route used when the
local generated requests need to be checked or updates.

The event_route[tm:local-response] is executed after the response is
sent out, obviously no possibility to change anymore the content. I
haven't checked the code for event_route[sl:local-response], but based
on commit message should be the same.

I haven't used the local-response so far at all, today after a
discussion on sr-users I wanted to enable kemi callback for
tm:local-response and I noticed that behaviour in the code, even I
expected to be like local-request (before sending out).

I am not sure how much used are the event routes for tm:local-response
and sl:local-response, I haven't seen any questions about them so far on
mailing lists, that's why I am asking here if would make sense to rename
them like tm:local-response-sent and sl:local-response-sent to properly
reflect when they are executed. I am  expecting that they are very few
used so far,  so no big head ache with upgrades and bringing some
consistency around (this change to be part of next major release).

It can stay like now with proper documentation, however in the future if
one want and event route for local responses before being sent out,
there will be more confusion, imo ...


Daniel-Constantin Mierla -- www.asipto.com
www.twitter.com/miconda -- www.linkedin.com/in/miconda

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