Dear All,

I am evaluating the kamailio proxy 5.2 server with rtpproxy on an internal 
Everything are ok.

Now, I would like to evalute Kamailio proxy from outside (internet) but I have 
some difficulties to setup my PfSense firewall to enable inbound & outbound 
rules, network settings and kamailio.cfg.

The issues are :

Setup correctly Network files :
 * /etc/hostname localhost
ip_private codecsip.mydomain codecsip
ip_public codecsip.mydomain codecsip
 * /etc/hosts file
 * dns
 * /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg :#!define WITH_MYSQL
#!define WITH_AUTH
#!define WITH_NAT
#!define WITH_TLS

/* uncomment the next line to disable the auto discovery of local aliases
   based on reverse DNS on IPs (default on) */

/* add local domain aliases */

#!ifdef WITH_NAT
# ----- rtpproxy params -----
# modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock", "udp:")
modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock", "unix:/var/run/rtpproxy/rtpproxy.sock")
Setup etc/default/rtpproxy :
EXTRA_OPTS="-l <IP-address>"
Where <IP-address> is the external IP address of your host.

Regarding the firewall rules, it will be great to identify which rules I need 
to create : Inbound and outbound rules and NAT 1:1 ?

If anyone have any information it could be great

Best regards,
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