after couple of months waiting for feedback about the workaround with the
preloaded shared library to set the PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute for
pthread mutex/rwlock in order to avoid deadlocks and as it seems to be the
solution, I just pushed a few commits to move that code in the core of

It this way the initialization with the PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute is
done by default when libssl v1.1 is detected at compile time, without the
need of using the approach with a preloaded library.

The shared library is still kept in the tls module:

Probably is going to be removed in the near future.

I am asking the community members that use Kamailio on systems with libssl
v1.1+ to test the master branch and give feedback. The master branch is
anyhow in testing phase for preparing the next major release v5.3.0, so it
will help for that as well.

If no issue is going to be reported soon, the commits will be backported to
stable branches, to re-enable smooth use of Kamailio with libssl v1.1+.

When libssl v1.1+ is detected, the core links with pthread, but that was
already present in the Makefiles.defs for different compile options. The
pthread more or less a default library on linuxes/unixes, so this should
not introduce any major dependency to the Kamailio core.


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