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> Hi
> Thank you for your response
> Yes I m looking for
> HA AND scalability

If I may suggest: 

Kubernetes is a very complicated solution that only
works well for very particular kinds of services and scenarios, and
is often not the appropriate answer for scaling out Kamailio or making
it redundant. It's designed primarily for the web tier of a technology

Moreover, Kamailio most often plays the role of a high-throughput
centralised gateway and doesn't require much scaling, but instead is
often itself used to scale out other, more limited and
resource-intensive services. In a sense, Kamailio is the Kubernetes of
VoIP, though obviously the analogy is limited.

Unless you've discovered a very specific reason to use Kubernetes for
your particular scenario, you almost certainly do not need or want it.
If "HA and scalability" are your goals, Kubernetes is very unlikely to
be the answer, and if Kubernetes is the answer, I haven't seen from you
a compelling explanation as to why. If you don't have one, Kubernetes is
not the answer. 

Making Kamailio redundant and highly available is generally accomplished
through some combination of:

- Database sharing (e.g. usrloc);

- Internal replication and state sharing (e.g. DMQ);

- Heartbeat/Pacemaker/Corosync/VRRP/UCARP and appropriate network

- Shared-nothing or shared-little architecture;

-- Alex

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