I can't make call through kamailio between new added users.

I get 478 ... But it works for older users (who was added couple weeks ago
e.g.) SIP flow, location and subscriber table the same in both cases.

Could you please shed any light on this issue?

*2019/10/02 11:11:20.719834 <> -> <>*

SIP/2.0 *478* Unresolvable destination (478/SL)

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP

From: "Admin Admin" <sip:some_user@asterisk_ip:asterisk_port>;tag=as09b1f1f3

To: <sip:some_user@kamailio_ip

Call-ID: *20e023254f1b3c942a61e47d63badfd6@

CSeq: 102 INVITE

Server: MS Lync

Content-Length: 0
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