I'm testing some parameters actions and i found a weird behaviour

This is my code for the test :

$var(Parameter_List) = "blue=twelve;green=twe\"lve\";yellow=\"twelve\"";

xerr("Parameter List = $var(Parameter_List)");

xerr("Value of Parameter blue = $(var(Parameter_List){param.value,blue})");

xerr("Value of Parameter green =

xerr("Value of Parameter yellow =

The printed logs are the following :

ERROR: <script>: Parameter List = blue=twelve;green=twe"lve";yellow="twelve"

ERROR: <script>: Value of Parameter blue = twelve

ERROR: <script>: Value of Parameter green = twe"lve"

ERROR: <script>: Value of Parameter yellow = twelve

I have also tried setting the string as :

$var(Parameter_List) = 'blue=twelve;green=twe"lve";yellow="twelve"';

But the results were similar

The "" are not recognized in some scenarios. Is this intended behaviour or
should i submit it as a bug?

Best Regards,

Duarte Rocha
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