I am wondering if there is any way to remove an entry from the active dialog 
I mean, assuming that Kamailio did not get any BYE related to a call for some 
reason and that I want that call to be “killed” from dialog memory before 
reaching the lifetime timeout.

What I already tried with no success: sending a request to Kamailio catched by 
a dedicated route of the script then:

  *   using the dlg_get function (with the target call as parameter) then 
send_bye function (then dropping the BYE request generated by the dialog module 
in the onsend_route with the drop function): no success. Dialog module 
correctly generates BYE requests but dialog related to the call is kept in 
memory until its lifetime timeout (and BYE requests are not dropped in the 
onsend_route either).
  *   using the dlg_get function then dlg_set_timeout to set a very low timeout 
value for that particular call. No successs: Trying to update a bogus dlg as 
critical error.

Could some RPC commands or whatever help me to accomplish what I try to do?

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