I have a registered handset which replies to an INVITE message from Kamailio 
with a "302 Moved Temporarily" message. The reason for this is because the user 
has set their handset to forward the call to another telephone number. 
In a wireshark trace I can see the forwarded telephone number in the Contact 
header of the SIP message but I can't find a way to access this header via any 
variables. In the config file I have tried this:
# Manage incoming repliesonreply_route[MANAGE_REPLY] {    ...
    if(t_check_status("3[0-9][0-9]")) {
        xlog("L_INFO", "test1: $hdr(Contact)");
        xlog("L_INFO", "test2: $ct");
, but in both cases the value returned is the Contact header of the original 
INVITE message and not the Contact shown in the "302 Moved Temporarily" reply 
How do I access the Contact header in the reply message?
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