Hi all,

I'm trying to send a call to an AS via a kamailio S-CSCF (release 4.4.3). I'm 
addressing the AS by a distinct PSI: sip:04325432...@domain.net;user=gsmr.

At the first try the S-CSCF sends a SAR to HSS and receives a successful SAA 
(tshark traces attached), but the S-CSCF rejects the call with 555 AS 
Contacting Failed - iFC terminated dialog.

At the second try (a few seconds later), the S-CSCF doesn't exchange  SAR/SAA 
with the HSS, and now the call is successfully forwarded to the AS.

This problem is permanent, it is not the result of a temporary loss of 
connectivity between S-CSCF and AS.

I checked the iFCs that I had configured at the HSS and I think, they are OK.

I attached

-        tshark traces from the node, where the S-CSCF resides: 

-        WITH_DEBUG logs from kamailio: 

-        A tarball of /usr/local/etc/kamailio: 

Can anybody help? Is it a bug in kamailio or is the problem on my side?


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