Hi Daniel,

I’m trying to get new pipes from the DB and their associated limits.
We’re using the SIP digest username as the pipe to limit the CPS.

I think I do have a workaround for this which is as following:

-          Use a htable to load the ‘pipes’ (usernames) and their config (limit 
+ algorithm) from the db

-          Use the plcheck function to pass in the username, algorithm and 

This would allow us to reload the htable from db when new users are created and 
the plcheck will make sure a new pipe is created when it does not exist by 
passing the three params.

Do you see any issues with this workaround?



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On 11/10/16 15:07, Grant Bagdasarian wrote:

Is it possible to live reload the pipelimit module so it gets new values from 
the DB without a restart of Kamailio?

I couldn’t find a command to do this.

no reload command at this moment. What do you want to update from db? Getting 
new pipes or setting new limits?



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