How to use the sql transformation?
has the following example:

    xlog("$$rm = $rm = $(rm{s.sql})");

But adding this to the request_route and starting kamailio will fail:

ERROR: pv [pv_trans.c:2351]: tr_parse_string(): unknown transformation: 
ERROR: <core> [pvapi.c:1629]: tr_lookup(): error parsing [{s.sql}]
ERROR: <core> [pvapi.c:1010]: pv_parse_spec2(): bad tr in pvar name "rm"
ERROR: <core> [pvapi.c:1036]: pv_parse_spec2(): invalid parsing in 
[$(rm{s.sql})] at (4)
ERROR: xlog [xlog.c:512]: xdbg_fixup_helper(): wrong format[$$rm = $rm = 
ERROR: <core> [route.c:1154]: fix_actions(): fixing failed (code=-1) at 

line 372 is the above xlog and is loaded (and works). Anybody 
got a working example of this? Or an other hint to prevent sql
injections when using user supplied variables in sql queries?

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