Dear all,

I am trying to make a call between 2 webrtc clients(sipml5) using my
kamailio IMS setup. The invite request fails at the terminating PCSCF with
error code "Status: 478 Unresolvable destination (478/TM)". I have traced
the packages and saw that the package that arrives at the terminating PCSCF
has an unresolvable request URI due to the websocket connection.

The package being sent from terminating ICSCF to SCSCF has the
"Request-URI: sip:b...@net1.test"
The package from terminating SCSCF to terminating PCSCF has the "Request-URI:

I guess the terminating SCSCF replaces the request URI with the one it
stored during the registration process, but the terminating PCSCF cannot
resolve the host name&port number; therefore, it reports back "Unresolvable
destination". Is that really the case happening in here ? How can I get
over this problem ? Any ideas are welcome.

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