about your questions:

Q1: yes it's feasible as long as the two Registrars (Kamailio) have the
location information. Please see my reply on a thread on this topic:

Q2: given that TSILO depends on the users' location you have to put it in
the Registrar.

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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 5:32 AM, C. J Hsu (徐熙杰) <cj....@quantatw.com> wrote:

> hi Federico
> i'm stuck at TSILO and wondering if you could give me some advises.
> Q1:
> in lab1, I'm having two Kamailios with proxy and registrar together, UA1
> and UA2.
> UAs go thru hardware load-balancing device (F5) to register themselves in
> Kamailio,
> I wonder, UA1 calling to UA2, invite suspended in Kamailio 1, waiting for
> UA2;
> and when UA2 come to register in Kamailio 2, TSILO in Kamailio 1 resumes
> the invite and sending it to Kamailio 2, is this a no problem scenario?
> Q2:
> if we decide to separate Proxy and Registrar in different Kamailio, when
> should I put TSILO in?
> C J
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