Daniel-Constantin Mierla <mico...@gmail.com>:

> The specs require to be \r\n. Accepting only \n is and
> SER-time-propagated extension in Kamailio from the early days of the
> project when a lot of tests during the development was done by building
> messages inside a text file and injecting it into the network. When a
> response is built by kamailio, the needed headers from request that are
> not changed are just copied. Everything else will get the standard \r\n.
> So this is due to that flexibility and I think we are fine with this
> behaviour given it happens only on very specific corner cases, mainly
> for the testing.

Sure, works for me.

Something like that was my guess as well since new headers
we're CRLF and other as they were in incoming request.

So "problem" was self caused when analyzing traces where I had  -L
(--no-crlf) flag passed to sipsak in some tests.


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