Thanks Daniel, I will look into that.
Indeed I found the logic that corrects the time ticks for any drifting, using 
the time of day. I guess that causes the registrations to expire. 
I am out of the office for a couple of days, but will get back to you. 
Best Regards, Erik 

On 15/02/2017 14:47, Erik Visser wrote:
> After I have kamailio up and running, with UAs properly registrered and 
> sessions routed successfully, my platform faces a timejump.
> The platform starts up with date&time set to 1-1-2000 and after kamailio is 
> up and running, the date&time jumps to the current date&time, causing two 
> effects:
> - I loose all my registrations (since they expired in 3600 seconds)
> - kamailio does not respond to any SIP messages for a couple of minutes
> Is there a way to have kamailio use timeticks rather than relative time for 
> the registrations?
> Does anybody recognize the hanging behavior? Any suggestions?
kamailio is using unixtime for registrations, not relative time.

But the timer callbacks are using relative intervals to know when to be
executed (e.g., timer callbacks are defined to be executed like very 1
minute, or every 90 seconds). It may be that some of the timers try to
catch up on missed intervals.

It is strange that you say no sip traffic is processed. Can you simulate
again the situation and get the backtrace with gdb from few sip workers?
If your traffic is over udp, then do 'kamctl ps', get the pid of
processes with index 1, 2 and 3, then use gdb to attach to those PIDs
and grab the output of:

bt full
info locals


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