I'm in need of making/tweak an existing Kamailio Presence setup which is
giving some tough time.

*Whats already working:*
BLF dialog states changes are already sent across the users. SCA is working
as well.

*What isn't working:*
When a User comes online then it sends SUBSCRIBE with *Event: dialog* and
don't get notified of its subscribers state right then unless the monitored
extensions make a call (BLF works)

*Why is it not working:*
As evident from wireshark traces, the user IP phones (Test sets: Polycoms,
Yealink, CISCO, Grandstream) don't send our *Event: presence* rather only
*Event:dialog* and Kamailio do not send NOTIFY out to everyone. Though yes
there is an internally generated PUBLISH seen and handled properly upon
registration state changes.

Jitsi has been tested and Kamailio send out these registration state change
info to jitsi, somce jitsi sends *Event:presence *in SUBSCRIBE.

I need dialog based NOTIFY to be sent out on registration state-change.

Need pointers and help on the topic, looking forward to some feedback.

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