Dear Daniel,

        A small concern in kamailio, existing TCP stack is not doing load 
distribution among children for SIP messages. For example UE-->kamailio1 (TCP 
listen (4 children)) ----->kamailio2 (TCP Listen 4 children)

        As per stack if UE opens a connection with kamailio1 based on free 
children it is sharing the FD, so no problem towards from UE to kamailio1, then 
need requirement to forward same sip message to kamailio2, here kamailio1 is 
opening connection with kamailio2 and then forwarding. Suppose if we forward 
two requests to kamailio2, only one children is getting used among four. With 
this design suppose if we want to run our kamailio as two sip servers we may 
not achieve good results when performance matters.

        Please suggest something on this to move further. 


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