On 23/03/2017 18:22, Shadowy Man wrote:
> This is only happening for one particular block of IP's.  I can download 
> from other blocks.
> I suspect it is being done on the download.opensuse.org end for some 
> reason.  It appears to be the entire xx.xx block of which I only use a 
> few addresses from.
> I will probably have to try contact them about it.  What I would like to 
> ask is why Kamailio does not have any mirrors?  If there were then this 
> would not be a problem.  It would just failover.
we do not control in any way what download.opensuse.org is blocking or
not, it could have been some attack from your region and a large range
of networks from area was blocked. You should contact them directly to
sort out this.

Regarding the mirror, I tried to do it for a while, but lack of time
didn't allow me to continue.

If someone ships me a script that downloads from opensuse build service
the new packages on all distros and builds a local rpm/yum repo, then we
can run it on rpm.kamailio.org . In the past I used to just download
everything, but that takes a lot of time and bandwidth, because fetches
also the old releases.


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