Thank you for your reply, I only joined [EMAIL PROTECTED] as it was listed
as the active mailing list on the website, I did not know any other
mailing list existed. I do not know who is the webmaster.


Atro Tossavainen wrote:
> > I dont mean to create another long thread that is not SSH related but
> > does everyone else get 2 bounced emails every time they post to the
> > list?
> Yes.
> If you keep sending your SSH list mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], your problem
> stays. That list is not maintained at all and should disappear very
> shortly. Use [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead.
> I have requested the SecurityFocus administration to remove such people
> from the list. It's not just that they won't be back soon, but also that
> their autoresponders are misconfigured to answer to all mail, not just
> personal mail. This behaviour should not happen on any mailing lists.
> Blurzer has already been removed from [EMAIL PROTECTED],
> the others are still being worked on.
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