When I do a scp from machine b to a, I had no problem.
Everything was fine. But when I do a scp from machine
a to b then it comes up with an error message which
is, 'Could not create socket pair: Invalid Argument.
lost connection'. I dont know whats happening, both a
& b are operationg under RedHat 6.2 and has the same
version of SSH which is, OpenSSH 2.1.1.

Some of the debug messages as a result of a scp from a
to b are: 

Applying options for *
Seeding random number generator
ssh_connect: get uid 0 get uid 0 anon 0
connecting to machb.machine.mac [] port 22
Seeding random number generator
Allocated local port 939
Connection established
Remote protocol version 1.99, remote software version
Local version string SSH_1.5-OpenSSH_2.1.1
Waiting for server public key
Connection established
sending scp -t -v test
could not create socket pair: Invalid Argument
lost connection

I dont know what is the problem? Am I missing any
files on the other machine?


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