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> As a SourceForger, I've got a cvs :ext: style mount. Rather than entering
> my password every time, I tried to used ssh-agent by launching various
> windows via ssh-agent. However, this doesn't work well. The suggestion is
> to launch the windowing system via ssh-agent, but I'm not sure where the
> launch is in Solaris. Do I start up dtlogin via ssh-agent to get the
> desired results? Thanx for any suggestions.

You can't launch the windowing system from under ssh-agent if you use 
dtlogin. Another option is to have your shell source an environment file as 
part of it's init process. So:

in .bashrc (or equivilant):

if [ -f ~/.ssh/ssh-agent-env ]; then
  source ~/.ssh/ssh-agent-env
  if (kill -0 "${SSH_AGENT_PID}" 2>/dev/null); then
    : # do nothing, ssh-agent is running (probably)
    unset SSH_AGENT_PID

if [ -z "${SSH_AGENT_PID}" ]; then
  ssh-agent -s >~/.ssh/ssh-agent-env
  source ~/.ssh/ssh-agent-env
  if [ -t 0 ]; then # Add keys if stdin is a tty

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